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Article - Toxic compounds destroyed with Aquarden's technology

Publish date: March 2015
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The magazine Spildevandsteknisk Tidsskrift (Wastewater Treatment Journal) is the leading Danish magazine for companies working with wastewater and xenobiotic compounds. Aquarden was featured in the March 2015 issue presenting their SCWO technology.

In the article Zhuoyan Cai, founder and CEO of Aquarden explains how the SCWO (SuperCritical Water Oxidation) technology completely eliminates hardly degradable and hazardous components on-site from various industries such as landfills, chemical and biochemical companies as well as pharmaceutical companies and hospitals.

The many benefits of using the SCWO technology includes competitive operating costs, on-site installation, the possibility of re-using water and energy, and a greener profile.

Read the article on page 46-47
(in Danish only)

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