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Aquarden speaks at DepoNet meeting

Publish date: March 2015
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New and intelligent solutions to clean leachate

The landfill sector is very committed to finding new and intelligent solutions to clean leachate. Today most of the leachate is sent to the municipal wastewater treatment plants but the biological treatment can only destroy 5-10 % of the organic components. Most of the problematic and xenobiotic compounds will therefore end up in the receiving water body.

In order to solve this potential environmental problem Aquarden Technologies, COWI, and Odense Waste Management Company collaborate to find a new and greener solution. The project is financed by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

At DepoNet’s biannual meeting in March Aquarden presented the preliminary results from the project. DepoNet is a network of seven landfills, a consulting group, Danish EPA, and two knowledge institutes. The presentation revealed very promising results where all the organic components are destroyed using Aquarden’s SCWO technology. The SCWO  operating costs will match Odense Waste Management Company’s current costs.

The project runs until the end of 2015 where the solution is tested at both Odense and Aquarden’s premises.

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