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Let us test your wastewater free of charge

Publish date: February 2014
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Discover the uniqueness of our technology
Take advantage of our offer of testing 50 L of your wastewater free of charge. Our technology is geared to destroy the most persistent organic compounds in wastewater and we would like to demonstrate the effectiveness of our method on your wastewater.

We therefore invite you to send us 50 L of a relevant waste stream so we are able to test it in our SCWO pilot-unit in our laboratory.

Lab tests form an important part of our initial discussions with potential clients in order to find the solution that brings most value. Elimination of persistent compounds, cost issues, estimated operational and environmental benefits, pre or post-treatment, reuse of energy etc. are all factors that we include in our assessment.

Contact us
Before you send us your waste stream it is a requirement that your wastewater is suitable for purification by our system. Therefore, contact us for a no-strings-attached discussion of your wastewater challenges and how we may assist you in optimizing your wastewater purification processes.

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