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News from Aquarden


First SCWO unit operating onsite!

April 2018

In April 2018 the Aquarden team set up its first operational SCWO unit onsite for a classified project, reaching an important milestone.

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Aquarden represented in Erhvervshåndbogen Klimaledelse

October 2017

Founder and director of Aquarden Technologies, Mr. Zhuoyan Cai, was asked to contribute to Erhvervshåndbogen Klimaledelse (Climate Management Business Handbook) which is the leading Danish handbook focusing on sustainable environment and innovative climate strategies.
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Bad news for hazardous substances in wastewater from landfills! Good news for the environment!

May 2017

Aquarden has tested SCWO as a purification method to improve the destruction of organic substances in leachate for a couple of years. This initial MUDP project brought us much closer to the goal, so stay informed about our next phase, where we look deeper into the pre-treatment process.
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Are you ready to phase out chromium 6?

March 2017

From September 2017 EU introduces restrictions on the use of chromium 6 used in e.g. surface treatment processes. The reason is that chemical compounds with chromium 6 are hazardous and environmentally harmful. Read our white paper to learn about the rules, regulations, and options.
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Finding solutions to water and wastewater challenges in the pharmaceutical industry

February 2017

Aquarden participated in a project with the purpose to explore new ways of solving water and wastewater challenges in the pharmaceutical production. The project finished recently and formulated recommendations to increase water efficiency, optimize wastewater treatment, and saving resources in the production of pharmaceuticals.
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Let us handle your environmental permits!

January 2017

Preparing applications for environmental permits is often time consuming and complicated. But now you can get assistance with the applications! Aquarden offers assistance and advice in connection with environmental permits. In fact, we can handle the entire process for you.
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Aquarden obtains a joint second place in Tallinn

October 2016

Aquarden was one of four finalists left to win the prestigious EU environmental award competition in Tallinn on October 27. Director Zhuoyan Cai attended the event together with representatives from green technology companies from all over Europe.
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Keep your fingers crossed!

September 2016

In May, Aquarden won the European Business Award for the Environment for the most sustainable product in Denmark. Now we are finalist in the pan-European EBAE competition. Wish us good luck!
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Meet Vibeke at VandTek

September 2016

At VandTek in Copenhagen from 20-22 Sept. you can meet Vibeke and learn more about our unique Waterox solution. Hear why it is important for Vibeke to work with wastewater in this video.
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Aquarden receives EU-award

May 2016

Aquarden wins the prestigious European Business Award for the Environment 2016 for its Waterox solution. The award is given to a new and innovative product that significantly contributes to a sustainable development.
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Join us at VandTek 20-22 September in Copenhagen

May 2016

The water and wastewater industry meet in Copenhagen at VandTek 20-22 September. Aquarden exhibits at the event and we look forward to discussing wastewater challenges with you! Entrance is free of charge.
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The Aquarden story in 'Teknisk Nyt'

April 2016

The captivating story about Aquarden and its cutting-edge Waterox-technology is presented in the April issue of Teknisk Nyt.
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An interesting day with focus on industrial wastewater

March 2016

Aquarden’s founder and director, Mr. Zhuoyan Cai, was invited to speak about Aquarden’s innovative Waterox technology at Spildevandsteknisk Forening.
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Aquarden presents paper about leachate

October 2015

Aquarden presented its Waterox solution for complete treatment of landfill leachate at ’Sardinia Landfill Symposium 2015’ – the chosen event for landfill scientists, administrators and practitioners.
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Article in Dansk miljøteknologi

October 2015

Dansk miljøteknologi (Danish cleantech) is the magazine where decision-makers in the Danish parliament and at municipalities seek cleantech inspiration. Aquarden and its cutting-edge technology was featured in the October issue.
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Aquarden impresses the Minister!

August 2015

The Minister for Environment and Food, Eva Kjer Hansen, was impressed with Aquardens cutting-edge technology at the biannual meeting at Danish Cleantech.
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The word about Aquarden is spreading …

August 2015

Aquarden has received much attention in the Danish press the past coupled of months. Read some of the articles about Aquarden, our newly launched Waterox system, and how we treat  problematic wastewater.
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Pictures and videos from Waterox launch

April 2015

Guests from all over Denmark participated in the launch of the Waterox system that eliminates hardly degradable and hazardous components in wastewater.
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Article - Toxic compounds destroyed with Aquarden's technology

March 2015

The leading Danish association for companies working with wastewater and xenobiotic compounds, Spildevandsteknisk Forening, published their magazine for March 2015 featuring a two-page article of Aquarden’s SCWO technology.
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Countdown to launch!

March 2015

On March 24 Aquarden Technologies officially launches its new high-tech SCWO-system that will change the way industries treat problematic wastewater. We celebrate the day by inviting customers, potential customers, friends of the house, and wastewater professionals to watch our new system being revealed.
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Aquarden speaks at DepoNet meeting

March 2015

Today most landfill leachate is sent to the municipal wastewater treatment plants but the biological treatment can only destroy 5-10 % of the organic components. Aquarden works with Odense Waste Mangement Company to solve this problem and to find a new and more intelligent way of treating leachate. The results were presented at the DepoNet meeting.
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Aquarden speaks at seminar about supercritical fluids and green chemistry

January 2015

As a specialist in Supercritical Water Oxidation (SCWO), Director Zhuoyan Cai from Aquarden Technologies was invited to present Aquarden’s solution for destruction of hazardous substances in industrial wastewater at DTI’s seminar on supercritical fluids and green chemistry.
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Profile article in Erhverv-Danmark about Aquarden

December 2014

The magazine Erhverv-Danmark focuses on business issues in Denmark and Aquarden was featured in the profile section in the December 2014 issue. In the article Zhuoyan Cai, founder and CEO of Aquarden, explains the principles and benefits of Aquarden’s high-tech solution for decentralized treatment of toxic wastewater.
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Aquarden is now a core member of CLEAN

November 2014

Aquarden has recently becomes a core member of CLEAN – Denmark’s  leading cleantech cluster – which represents more than 170 companies from the entire cleantech sector. Aquarden also participated in CLEANs kick-off event.
Read about CLEAN and the kick-off event

Read the article about Aquarden in Ingeniøren

May 2014

The Danish weekly magazine Ingeniøren (The Engineer) wrote a 2-page technical feature about Aquarden’s supercritical process for destroying toxic components in wastewater.
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Let us test your wastewater free of charge

February 2014

Will SCWO work for you? We know it will. And we will treat 50 liters of your wastewater free of charge to prove to you the exceptional purification performance of our technology.
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Press release: Eco-efficient technology for purifying landfill leachate

December 2013

Odense Waste Management Company Ltd. and Aquarden work together on a project to test a new, better and more sustainable way to treat landfill leachate. The project is funded by The Danish Ministry of the Environment.
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Read our new company brochure

June 2013

Read about our company, our SCWO-based solutions for purifying wastewater containing hardly-degradable pollutants and our passion for cleantech innovations.
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