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Download free white paper about chromium 6

Are you ready when the EU phases out hexavalent chromium?

From September 2017 EU tightens the requirements for use of the chemical compound chromium 6 in surface treatment processes. This means that many companies now must use other chemicals if they want to continue their production. But new chemicals produce new waste streams. Many companies will therefore need new wastewater treatment plants and new environmental permits.

This white paper guides you through the rules, regulations, options and alternatives – so you can continue your production – even after the EU has imposed more stringent requirements.

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(English, 803 kb)

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Aquarden is specialised in providing solutions for treatment of problematic industrial wastewater. We have introduced a new system, Waterbrane, specifically designed to remove heavy metals in both large and small wastewater streams. The compact solution is smaller than other conventional systems, and can be integrated into existing production environments.

Call or email our wastewater experts, Vibeke and Martin, to hear more about our consultancy services and solutions for treatment of wastewater from metal surface treatment processes.

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