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Our philosophy

Our vision and philosophy

A passion for cleantech innovation

Aquarden comes from the Latin words aqua and ardens. Aqua means water, while ardens means burning, passion, and brilliance. Aquarden describes the principles of our technology: The burning of organic contaminants in water. Our name is also the symbol of our passion for cleantech innovation.


A 360-degree approach to wastewater solutions

Clean water is critical for our survival. Failure to effectively treat and purify hazardous wastewater has a lasting negative impact on human health and the environment.

Reuse of energy and water mean bottom line savings

We create value for our clients with an end-to-end approach to wastewater treatment. We believe that wastewater purification systems should be clean, safe, effective, and cost-efficient. Our solutions help companies to comply with the strictest environmental legislation by total destruction of toxic organic components. Our systems recover energy, and treated water can be reused as process water. All this means bottom line savings and a green profile.

We strive to be the market leader in the sustainable treatment of tough wastewater by providing the best technology, outstanding services, and world-class professional expertise.

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Our vision is to provide the best solutions for solving the planet’s
toughest wastewater problems.


Our mission is to develop and produce market-leading solutions for destroying harmful toxins and other hazardous compounds in all types of wastewater. Our products are customized and configured to meet the specific treatment requirements of our clients. We support our clients with a comprehensive range of services and consulting. Our solutions are sensible, safe, robust, environment-friendly and cost-efficient.

Our values

We design solutions that contribute to a cleaner and safer world, and we believe that our company offers a real and practical solution to tough wastewater challenges faced by any company or organization. Our solutions are based on innovation, creativity, and world-leading cleantech expertise. We thrive on teamwork and cooperation across our organization as well as in partnership with our clients.

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